Having grown up in Hamburg, the artist lives and works in a small village in the valley of the Elbe.


Even in Childhood I had a special affinity to colour. Rainbows, Flowers – there were many intense experiences of nature that touched me deeply when I was young.
Having grown up in a green part of Hamburg I moved in an easterly direction into the meadows of the Elbe valley. Here I was particularly impressed by the spectacular sunsets. Out of this inspiration arose abstract, mostly horizontal paintings.
However they were not pictures of nature, but more and more and more layers of my own feelings, perceptions. In the last few years the act of painting became more an expression of inner processes. I also processed the collective themes of being human, strength, separation, approach, fight, limit, merging, as well as forces of nature and the elements in their soul.
All these different temperaments and operations find their equivalent in the respective colours and are changeable in their meaning. The creative process is like a dance, a theatre play and sometimes even a fight. In this process canvasses/pictures get painted over the top of others and or created in multiple layers (where the first layer stays as a step and part of the end result and retains its original meaning). This way of working and the irresistible urge to colour could be connected to the fact that I am a Synatestician (Synaesthesia is a merging of senses that are not normally connected i.e. hearing colour, seeing sound). Numbers, letters and even music appear to me always in particular colours, they are inseparably joined for me. Like most Synatesticians I only became conscious of this fact as an adult, not knowing any different. While the painting of a colourful large picture is often a stirring and dramatic act, there is a completely different side.

There are these cats, that re appear again and again over the decades...... they virtually call to be drawn, to then having been brought to life, fill the room mischievously with a childlike happiness.
It started with Toni, others joined him, his family grows seemingly almost inexhaustibly, always new cats and tom cats from his clan appear....

Exhibitions of the last few years

  • "Hamburg zeigt Kunst" - 2019
  • "Offenes Atelier" - 2017
  • "Hamburg zeigt Kunst" - Fischauktionshalle Gruppenausstellung - 2016
  • "Kunstmarkt Dömitz" - 2016
  • "Lyrik in Farben" - Galerie Rolandswurt Einzelausstellung - 2015
  • "Hamburg zeigt Kunst" - Fischauktionshalle Gruppenausstellung - 2015
  • "Poetische Farbwelten" - Paradies Petra Unterberg Einzelausstellung - 2014
  • Vegetarisches Café - 2013
  • Kreismusikschule Prignitz Einzelausstellung - 2011
  • Wittenberge Pizza Point Einzelausstellung - 2009
  • Galerie Culinarte Einzelausstellung - 2008